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Learn Spanish in Manchester CT Area

Why learn Spanish?
  • Spanish is the second language of the United States.
  • Spanish is in demand in the workplace, in customer service and in public safety.
  • Communicate with your clients, patients and neighbors.
  • Travel to South and Central America and Spain.

Learn Spanish with patient, experienced Latin-American instructors.
Individuals: one-on-one instruction with a native-born Spanish-speaking teacher.
Small groups: family members and friends coming together with a common goal.
Monday - Thursday, morning, and afternoon, and Saturday morning.
Start within one or two days of enrolling.
Meet your teacher before starting lessons, to discuss lesson plans.
Instruction is tailored to your needs and goals. We start at your level. We progress at your pace.
We emphasize Spanish conversation, grammar and expressions.
We encourage you to speak Spanish as much as you can. We give you the words and explain them.
  • Beginner Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Conversational Spanish
  • Spanish crash course
  • Medical Spanish. Learn the basics, then concentrate on medical conversations and terminology.
  • Spanish for travel. Learn the basics, then concentrate on the Spanish that you will need for travel.
  • Spanish for children. Small groups of kids will sing songs, name objects and play fun games in Spanish.
  • One-on-one lessons in Spanish at our office in Vernon.
  • One-on-one lessons in Spanish in Enfield CT

 Contact us now to enroll or for more information.

All our students can renew their enrollment at the same price within 6 months.
improve Spanish grammar Spanish training for connecticut businesses Spanish classes in CT

Prices: 12 weeks of lessons, @ 1 hour per week.

1 person. 12 weeks, $589
2 persons. 12 weeks, $689 ($344.50 each person)
3 persons. 12 weeks, $864 ($288 each person)
4 persons. 12 weeks, $1,056 ($264 each person)
5 persons. 12 weeks, $1,220 ($244 each person)

Meet some of our Spanish instructors.

 Contact us now to enroll or for more information.